Advice and assurance on integrated border management, technology, and biometric systems

About Us

We provide expertise in border management with a record of front line operational delivery. Over three decades of experience that includes delivery of complex, large scale IT projects providing assurance in business processes and analysis. We have a proven record of operational delivery with a strong background in international negotiation. In addition we have led on the establishment of new multi-national data standards and cross government collaboration.

Strategic Advice

Strategic advice on borders and public security.

Border Security

Bespoke advice and assurance for law enforcement and border security issues.

Management Systems

Integrated border management systems and biometric applications.
We work with strategic partners and associates to provide the widest possible range to enhance our coverage of both security and integrated border management issues.

Our Services

Strategic Advice

Strategic advice on borders and public security. Consultancy support tailored to specific requirements drawing on a range of options to review and advise on both new and current systems. Advice on policy and legislation to support the evolution of new approaches to integrated border management.
Bespoke solutions tailored to individual challenges
Adapted and refined to deliver specific client requirements

Border Security

Bespoke advice and assurance for law enforcement and border security issues. Using technology and advances in biometrics and AI to support or deliver improved services to better risk assess current and future threats.
Problem solving at both a macro and
micro level to deliver system improvements
Successful integration with
existing or new systems

Management Systems

Integrated border management systems and biometric applications. Drawing on best of breed applications and technology developments to provide improved passenger processing without compromising on security. Covering air, sea, and land borders.
Harnessing advance in technology
to deliver process improvements
Providing a more secure and efficient
back office and operational environment

Support and Training

Command and control systems; passenger information units and targeting and analysis. Applying our expertise to offer support and training as well as the design and staffing for targeting and analysis units. Modules suited to specific areas of interest to the needs of the business.
Insights on implementation of new
systems or enhancements to current ones
Using global best practice to provide
a holistic approach to threat and risk

Passenger Facilitation

Strategic and operational advice on passenger facilitation adopting best practice from around the world. Integration of biometrics ,where appropriate, coupled with use of new technologies including the digital travel credential. Adapting technology for access control , integrating it also into current processes to allow for a seamless passenger and vehicle experience.

Goods and Freight

Providing expertise in meeting the challenges of quickly and securely screening goods entering and leaving a jurisdiction. Using both improved technology and AI to expand capacity and capability in the freight environment. Solutions range from container traffic to fast parcels and air freight.

Our Principal

Ian Neill

An expert in border management and front-line operational delivery. Successful leader with over three decades experience. I delivered complex, large scale IT projects that were the first in EU. I have a background in international negotiation securing new multi-national passenger data standards by cross government collaboration. I am a respected communicator practicing global stakeholder management across industry and government. I have worked with Ministers and advisors; I have a strong policy and strategic background complemented by operational successes; extensive work at Executive Board level. I advised other governments on border management programmes. My work with industry includes IATA, Chamber of Shipping, ICAO, and the World Customs Organisation, Frontex Research and Development Board, EU Commission. Our team has wide ranging experience in all fields of policy, strategy and operations allied to international training expertise across a range of areas.
Worldwide industry leaders and Organisations we work for

Expediting processing at the border

In partnership, with Mobile Edge, Fujitsu, Entrust, and Gatekeeper a proof of concept solution aimed at the identity verification of passengers to allow for pre-registered passengers to remain in their vehicles when crossing borders.

Home Office Border Force

Countering Terrorist Travel Programme

Countering Terrorist Travel Programme and The Philippines Conduct a Joint Scoping Mission in Palawan to Test Technical Feasibility of Adding a Maritime and Biometrics Capability to The Philippines Passenger Information Unit (PIU)

United Nations

Enhanced targeting and risk analysis

Working with SITA to provide an enhanced targeting and risk analysis capability for a Middle East state. This work involved an assessment and review of the technical solution to determine the step changes it would bring.

SITA for United Arab Emirates