Advice and assurance on integrated Border Management, technology and biometric systems

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Recent Projects & Previous Clients

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  • February 2020: Home Office round table on border strategy
  • October 2019: EU LISA
  • July 2019: UK Home Office project
  • June 2019: EU PROTECT programme Poland
  • April - August 2019: Border strategy for a ME State
  • March 2019: Security and CT Expo
  • January 2019: Bali Process Biometrics roundtable Bangkok
  • November 2018: Appointed to Advisory Board of International Border Management and Technologies Association - IBMATA
  • October 2018: EU – LISA Tallinn mobile technology presentation
  • May 2018: Countering violent extremism panel
  • April, May 2018: ITN news Irish border, Windrush and Home Office targets
  • March 2018: Security & Policing show JSaRC demonstration stand
  • May 2017: Advice to EU state on Passenger Information Units
  • April 2017: Home Office trial for mobile devices for coach operators
  • March 2017: Assessor for Dubai Government’s Excellence Programme
  • February 2017: Review of EU government’s IT strategy.
  • October 2016: Advice to EU government on Passenger Information Units and passenger data
  • July 2016: Advice to Middle East government on Passenger Data systems
  • May 2016: Frontex workshop Future of Border Control
  • April 2016: Chairing Transport Security at Counter Terror Expo
  • April 2015 to May 2016: delivered the mobile solution for Home Office Exit Checks.
  • January 2016: Mobile solution trial for Police.
  • December 2015: delivered a review on implementing an integrated border programme for an overseas government.
  • October 2015: Providing advice on Border restructuring programmes for a Middle East government.
  • September 2015: Keynote speech on current migration issues European Conference in Intelligence Security Informatics, Manchester.
  • July 2015: Quality assured Portr’s baggage concierge service
  • June 2015: Moderating Frontex Future of Border Control Conference, Warsaw
  • April 2015: to date delivered the mobile solution for Home Office Exit Checks.
  • November 2014: Delivering a review for Frontex.
  • September 2014: Delivered a strategic overview of technology in government for a major industry integrator.
  • September 2014: Working with the UNDP on the EU Northern Afghanistan Border Management Programme.
  • Oversight and delivery of the e-Borders business case.
  • 2014:Work in Frontex on research and development projects for Border management.
  • Working with the EU Commission and other States in helping the establishment of passenger data systems and Passenger Information Units.
  • Proof of concept study for a national authority to carry scheme.
  • 2013:Development of a new approach to use of biometrics and automation.
  • 2013-14Delivery of the lean procurement and implementation of new automated passport gates.
  • Delivery of technology strategies on automation, freight and detection of harmful goods.
  • Development with IATA, ICAO and the World Customs Organisation guidance documents on the use of Advanced Passenger Information, Passenger Name Record and interactive Advanced Passenger information

About Us

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Ian Neill, Director of Agile Security Partners. Speaking at a Frontex 2015 conference.
Ian Neill, Director, Speaking at the Frontex 2015 conference.

We provide expertise in border management with a record of front line operational delivery. Over three decades of experience that includes delivery of complex, large scale IT projects providing assurance in business processes and analysis. We have a proven record of operational delivery with a strong background in international negotiation. In addition we have led on the establishment of new multi-national data standards and cross government collaboration.

We also offer respected communicators with a record of global stakeholder management across industry and government.

Trusted Partners

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We work with strategic partners and associates to provide the widest possible range to enhance our coverage of both security and integrated border management issues. A a list our trusted partners can be found below.

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